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Gather Brands is a full service sales consulting agency focusing on women owned and women run companies in the CPG industry. We will act as your very own sales team; representatives of and for your brand and are always just one call, text, or email away. This includes everything from collaborating with you on building the most effective and concise presentation for the retailer, to setting up your products with the distributor of choice to get the items on the shelf and into the hands of the consumer! An example of just a few of these services are listed below.

Account Management

New item presentations

Category review schedules

Expansion into other retailers and regions

Promotional planning

Primary contact for your retailers

Annual/Quarterly business reviews


Distributor set up

New item submissions

Promotional submissions

Trade spend analysis


Our Team

Mia Medina

Growing up the daughter of a chef in Mill Valley, CA I’ve always been drawn to local foods and exploring new and different flavors. I’m especially fortunate that my passion for clean healthy food has not only been a lifestyle, but also the core of my career in the Natural Products industry.
While spending the last 20 years as a wife and a mother to our 5 amazing children, I have also had the opportunity to grow with and navigate through the CPG industry, with a primary focus on the Natural Channel. I’ve worked on the Broker side of the business with Acosta/NS Sales, the manufacturer side with Coca-Cola/Odwalla, and the distribution side where my husband and I expanded our local distribution company nationally, to become Whole Foods Market’s #1 DSD distributor in 8 of their 11 regions. It was here, I realized, that helping small businesses launch, grow, and expand into multiple regions and retailers was not only a career, but a calling.
Weaving together the unique threads of my early exposure to clean and healthy food, my personal resonance with the natural products industry, and a passion for helping start up brands grow and flourish in this space, it seemed time to start a consulting company and take that approach one step further; to help women owned brands and women entrepreneurs succeed in this male dominated space. Thus, Gather Brands was born!

Allie Rossi
Content Creation Coordinator

Allie graduated from University of South Florida with a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies and a minor in Spanish! She played professional soccer abroad for four years and has been working as a freelance blogger and social media manager for 4 years!

Kylee Hoynacki
Social Media Manager

Kylee graduated from BYU with a Bachelor of Science in Public Health! She loves natural products, nature, and gardening! Kylee has extensive marketing experience in both agency and in-house CPG brand settings!

Nadia Joubert
Director of Graphic Design

Nadia graduated from North-West University of Potchefstroom with a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Graphic Design. She has 15 years of experience in graphic design, 6 of those being exclusively focused on branding and packaging! Nadia loves freelancing and helping brands bring their ideas to life!

Allie Rossi
Content Creation Coordinator

Allie graduated from University of South Florida with a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies and a minor in Spanish! She played professional soccer abroad for four years and has been working as a freelance blogger and social media manager for 4 years!

Rachel Bower
Business Manager

Rachel graduated from Missouri State University with a Bachelor in Science in Hospitality and a double minor in communications and marketing! She worked through a Manager in Training Program for Compass Group in San Diego California. Rachel has been working in the CPG industry for 3 years now; managing retailers, brokers, and distributor relationships!


Some of our Retail Partners



Jiminy's has created a sustainable and tasty dog treat that is beneficial for your pet and the planet. Their use of cricket protein is a great alternative for conventional animal protein!

Lil Bucks are protein-packed, raw, vegan, paleo, sprouted superfood seeds. The seeds (which are actually fruit seeds) are sprouted buckwheat groats; sprouting releases enzyme inhibitors, which allows our bodies to better absorb the amazing nutrients and antioxidants in the seeds! After the seeds are soaked, they are dehydrated to preserve their nutrients and give the Lil Bucks their crispy, delicious texture and nutty taste.

Lupii offers a new perspective on protein! Their tasty, plant-based bars are the perfect way to nourish your body and protect our planet. They have 3x the protein of eggs, 3x the fiber of oats, AND all 9 amino acids!

Wave Soda is a company on a mission to redefine soda. Their refreshing soda alternative has no added sugars or sweeteners, and stays between15-25 calories. With all-natural ingredients, the San Diego company aims to give you all the good parts of a soda without any of the bad!

Prevail was looking for a clean, healthy, high protein snack without compromising flavor. They are confident that when people say they don't like jerky, they have never tried Prevail!

Earth and Star are on a constant quest to find what works to improve health, and they are excited about functional mushrooms! They want to deliver what you need in a way you can understand. The future is fungi!

Dress it up Dressing is a company that aims to add a bit of glamour to any simple meal! Starting with an original family recipe, they now offer 6 delicious dressings for any recipe!

Skynn Revival is an all natural hand sanitizer and insect repellent in a beautiful vintage inspired atomizer. A portion of the proceeds will go to Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch in Napa Valley, to support the care of animals displaced by California Wildfires.


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