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Who We Are

Gather Brands is a full service sales consulting agency focusing on women owned and women run companies in the CPG industry. We will act as your very own sales team; representatives of and for your brand and are always just one call, text, or email away. This includes everything from collaborating with you on building the most effective and concise presentation for the retailer, to setting up your products with the distributor of choice to get the items on the shelf and into the hands of the consumer! An example of just a few of these services are listed below.


Account Management

New item presentations

Category review schedules

Expansion into other retailers and regions

Promotional planning

Primary contact for your retailers

Annual/Quarterly business reviews


Distributor set up

New item submissions

Promotional submissions

Trade spend analysis

Our Team


Mia Medina


Get to know Mia

Mia Medina

Growing up in Mill Valley, CA, where natural foods were a staple long before it was mainstream, I’ve always been drawn to natural products, local fresh foods, and exploring new and different flavors. I’m especially fortunate that my passion for clean healthy food has not only been a lifestyle, but also the core of my career in the Natural Products industry.

While spending the last 20 years as a wife and a mother to our 5 amazing children, I have also had the opportunity to grow with and navigate through the CPG industry, with a primary focus on the Natural Channel. I’ve worked on the Broker side of the business with Acosta/NS Sales, the manufacturer side with Coca-Cola/Odwalla, and the distribution side where my husband and I expanded our local distribution company nationally, to become Whole Foods Market’s #1 DSD distributor in 8 of their 11 regions. It was here, I realized, that helping small businesses launch, grow, and expand into multiple regions and retailers was not only a career, but a calling.

Weaving together the unique threads of my early exposure to clean and healthy food, my personal resonance with the natural products industry, and a passion for helping start up brands grow and flourish in this space, it seemed time to start a consulting company and take that approach one step further; to help women owned brands and women entrepreneurs succeed in this male dominated space. Thus, Gather Brands was born!


Somer Rodden

Vice President

Get to know Somer

Somer Rodden

I am a passionate enthusiast for anything Natural!!! I always knew I was drawn to everything unconventional! Getting a taste of the Natural Foods landscape at Mothers Market and Kitchen in SoCal I knew that this was for me! Spending a decade in Portland, OR where it seemed that this little piece of the country was ahead of the curve! I dove further into my passion for Natural Foods. I spent 15 years with Odwalla in several capacities of the business and then branched out to Bai Brands, Organic coffee and even Organic Alcohol! I am in love with the fluidity and everchanging landscape of the food and beverage space. 

Over the past 20 years I have been fortunate enough to create an amazing career in the CPG space and take on cross functional roles that play an integral function within both the retailer and distributor landscape. I believe this is much like a marriage as it requires give and take and demands mutual respect of one another. 

I am a mother of 3 growing children, and it is never a dull moment! It is important to me to live a healthy sustainable lifestyle. I am a west coast girl to the core! I enjoy CrossFit, spontaneous adventures, Tahoe and binging Netflix!! On the weekends you can find me at the local wineries or day hiking! 


Carra Kelly

Director of Operations

Get to know Carra

Carra Kelly

I’m a Massachusetts-born Colorado enthusiast. In response to the COVID 19 pandemic I founded a farmers market delivery business to provide fresh food to Denverites in a safe and sustainable manner. I know sustainable shifts require different minds from different backgrounds, and have the power to change the status quo and innovate for the better.I bring years of measurable impact across sectors through program management, strategic planning, event management, communications and volunteerism. I leverage my experience and passion for sustainable foods and women-owned business to elevate and empower our brands! In my personal time, I enjoy camping, hiking, live music, cooking, trash TV, and spoiling my dog, Koko.


Brooke Williams

Director of Sales

Get to know Brooke

Brooke Williams

Raised a Midwesterner and spending all of my free time actively traveling, I transplanted to the Wasatch Mountains in Utah to pursue a healthier, outdoor lifestyle. Recently becoming a mother, the need for incorporating natural-based products into my family’s everyday life has never been more important.

Throughout my career I have always been drawn to and had a passion for natural, benefit-led products. Having worked primarily with start-up companies, I thrive in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment whose goal is to enhance their industry one sale at a time. I know the significance of strong relationships not only between the brand and distributor partners, but most importantly with the retailer. I leverage my experience for marrying the partnerships between brands and retail through effective, efficient, and focused planning. Nothing is sweeter than when a well-calculated plan comes together providing ground-breaking results!

It has been a goal of mine to shift my focus to support women-owned businesses. I’m ecstatic to have the privilege to work alongside a group of talented women entrepreneurs bringing the natural/specialty CPG space to life.


Natalie Shaffer

Regional Account Manager

Get to know Natalie

Natalie Shaffer

Born in Romania, raised in Southern California and on the Colorado River.  I’ve lived in San Clemente and San Diego during my career and recently have moved to Ventura County.  In my free time I enjoy wakeboarding, snowboarding, glamping and cooking at home! 

Growing up, my Mother demonstrated self-taught natural ways to support our family’s needs.  I didn’t always appreciate this at a young age however, I am so grateful for her early influence on me.  Finding appreciation for this healthy foundation happened once I got married.  I quickly realized that I needed to become a better gatekeeper on what products I brought into my home to keep my family thriving.  Leading a healthy lifestyle has become the most liberating feeling.

I have spent most of my career in the wine & sprits industry having many opportunities in both distributor and supplier roles.  I am thrilled to take my experience in alcohol retail sales and transition into empowering women and representing better, cleaner options when it comes to CPG.


Alina Segura

Business Coordinator

Get to know Alina

Alina Segura

My experience in the CPG industry started about year and a half ago during the beginning of the pandemic! While it was difficult to navigate and starting in a total new field, I successfully worked in field sales within the SoCal market inciting new business with local independent and chain accounts focused in the natural CPG space. Despite a very competitive market, I developed business for an emerging kombucha brand based out of San Diego in the nonalcoholic and alcoholic space. I’ve had the opportunities to learn about production, managing retail accounts, and working with distributor partners. Being in the outbound field sales side of things has also specifically taught me of learning the importance of developing trusting relationships to create new business partnerships for brands.

The excitement of not only being able to see a brand's growth, but also support their development has especially grown within my heart to do so as a career path within the last year and half. I have always been drawn to helping women-based nonprofits or businesses. So Gather Brands was a perfect fit for my values, and providing the resources to gain mentorship from CPG pros that have been doing this for over 20 years!  

Gather Brands offers a unique niche that is definitely under-represented in the CPG market and it brings me so much fulfillment I am assisting in closing the gap and changing the landscape in the industry for women. 

I am currently based out of Southern California as well and I enjoy living a healthy lifestyle that prioritizes nutrition and exercising. I’m also a typical yogi, nature lover, and a constant life long learner —where you’ll usually find a book in my hand. You’ll also find me at Crossfit during the week, going on a beach hang out, or enjoying the foodie landscape here in San Diego with my friends or partner. I feel so excited and privileged to work along a great team and helping women bring their brand to the consumer in the natural CPG space! 


Kylee Hoynacki

Social Media Manager

Get to know Kylee

Kylee Hoynacki

Kylee graduated from BYU with a Bachelor of Science in Public Health! She loves natural products, nature, and gardening! Kylee has extensive marketing experience in both agency and in-house CPG brand settings!


Nadia Joubert

Director of Graphic Design

Get to know Nadia

Nadia Joubert

Nadia graduated from North-West University of Potchefstroom with a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Graphic Design. She has 15 years of experience in graphic design, 6 of those being exclusively focused on branding and packaging! Nadia loves freelancing and helping brands bring their ideas to life!


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